Telecoms Procurement

We provide IT and telecoms procurement services to corporate clients - helping them to reduce telecommunications spend and manage ongoing costs. We also act as an outsourced telco specialist for more general procurement companies.

Telco spend is one of the five largest business costs so there are huge opportunities for costs savings in large organisations. Why not contact us to find out more.

Tender / RFP Support

Requesting a Proposal (RFP) or going out to tender for your telco services can be a costly and formidable task due to the amount of information that needs to be processed throughout the life-cycle of the tender. Engaging Efftel frees you up to manage the process rather than focusing on the transactional tasks involved. We process and provide information throughout the whole tender process by:

  • Analysing your telecoms spend and creating call profiles for input into the RFP
  • Developing the RFP
  • Suggesting Telco suppliers to invite to tender who will suit your profile
  • Analysing the tender data and presenting it in a report to aid decision making
  • Providing predicted savings analysis for each tender
  • If required, communicating and negotiating with the bidders
  • Acting as your trusted and independent business partner

Telco Industry Benchmarking

Our benchmarking value-add comes from applying real-life knowledge and our vast experience of the telecoms market as well as changes in market conditions. There are a number of factors to consider and we are able to offer our customers the benefits of this intelligence when negotiating Telco contracts with you.

Where required, data is also made available to our selected and approved Specialist Procurement partners, to enable them to further add value and ensure that you benefit from the best negotiated deals.

Benefits of Efftel

  • A specialist core focus on the telecoms market
  • Expertise in voice and data services
  • Unlike some larger, research-driven consultancies, we provide practical support
  • Benchmark reports can be tailored to your specific needs and not just provide generalist information
  • An accurate insight into potential savings by calculating the effect of new prices on your actual billing

Telco Contract Management

Following completion of the negotiation stage, it is important that the operational procedures of the telecoms contract are effectively managed, controlled and implemented, and maintained for the term of the contract.

Experience shows that even when a contract offers good value for money initially, damage can be done to the value quickly as the contract term progresses. To manage this potential value for money impact, and enable overall effectiveness, ongoing Managed Telecoms Services will ensure the right level of resources, skill and expertise to this critical function for your business.

Procurement Support Services for Procurement Specialists and Outsourcers

Efftel’s procurement support services are designed to enable specialist Procurement outsourcing and technology providers to provide cost effective, value-added and innovative Telecoms solutions to their clients.

Benefits of Outsourcing

  • Increase your portfolio of service offerings across the procurement lifecycle
  • Create ‘stickiness’ opportunities
  • You maintain your customer relationships
  • Sustained cost reductions (typically 10% - 20% of spend)
  • Increase control and compliance, and reduced risk
  • Access to our own independent billing analysis data
  • Improved value-add and innovative offerings

Download more information here about our telecoms procurement support services or contact us to find out more.