Telecom Expense Management

Are you looking to take control of your corporate telecoms costs or looking for telecom expense reduction? We help you understand your costs and identity huge savings.

Telecoms Expense Management (TEM)

We deliver monthly comprehensive views of your Landline and Mobile estates as two sets of reports that provide an "at a glance" status of your costs, as well as identifying areas where actions need to be taken to manage the estates.

Telecoms cost management scrutinises your monthly billing in detail as well as manages the inventory of services for all the estate elements. It also delivers consolidated Management Reports across all Telco suppliers releasing valuable resources in your business.

Telecoms Expense Management Return on Investment

  • Frees-up of human resources from administrative tasks
  • Makes savings through detailed scrutiny of your telecoms bills
  • Enables close control of the inventory of services
  • Offers better visibility and management of the Mobile and Landline costs
  • Helps Optimise telecoms tariffs to reduce costs

The use of electronic billing by telecoms carriers has become increasingly common. BT has for some time been encouraging its major customers to convert to its electronic OneBill. Most other carriers deliver billing on CD or via their online service, where possible.

Potentially, this has put a huge amount of data about carrier charges into the hands of the customer. However, even with the telecoms billing analysis software provided by carriers, it takes time and specialist knowledge to trawl through the masses of information.

Add your alternative landline carrier and your mobile carrier to the mix and the job becomes even more complicated.

Ultimately, we have proved time and again that outsourcing your telecom cost management process can save money - often with double digit telecoms expense reduction. Why not start the conversation today to find out more?