Telecoms Billing Audit

When it comes to your organisations mobile and landline telecoms costs, we are proven to deliver double-digit savings.

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Auditing Your Telecom Billing

Following a thorough telecom billing audit of your contracts, we can:

  • Check whether your network operator is applying the correct billing rates across your whole mobile estate.
  • Switch high-spending users to a better roaming or data tariff.
  • Identify unused SIMs that are costing you money.
  • Spot misuse of your mobile phones - intentional or not - by your employees or other parties.
  • Cut down on unproductive or unnecessary phone calls.

Our proprietary telcom billing software enables us to analyse your network operatorís electronic billing data and perform in-depth whole-company telecoms billing analysis to build detailed call profiles. The output can be utilised to underpin benchmarking and/or RFP activities.

This alone sets us apart from many non-specialist cost-reduction companies and why we have worked with some large global brands, including:

Alcatel Lucent telecoms billing audit
British Airways telecom billing audit
Bristish American Tobacco billing audit for telecoms
BBC Worldwide
Essex County Council
Macmillan telecoms billing audit
RBS telco auditing
Renault telecoms billing management
telecom billing audit for Rolls-Royce
Royal Mint telco reporting
Santander telecom billing audit for banking
Seimens telcom cost management
Tarmac telco billing reports
Universal Music
BT mobile telecoms billing audit

Telecoms Billing Audit Process

Telecom billing audits are carried out in incremental stages to protect operational efficiency and to identify non-effective or redundant facilities as quickly as possible.

If you would like to know more about how we could help identify cost savings with our telecoms billing audit, why not get in touch today?