Procurement Outsourcers & Consultants

Telco spend is one of the five biggest business costs, is complex and detailed and requires specialist expertise to help you drive down costs and importantly continue to manage and control those costs going forward.

Efftel provide a number of solutions across the procurement lifecycle: Spend Management
Spend Management

A platform to support an analytical, data-driven approach to managing procurement and operations on a sustainable basis.


A technique to evaluate processes in relation to best practice and develop plans on how to adopt such practices on a continuous basis to challenge their own practices with the aim of increasing aspects of performance.

Procurement Outsourcing
Procurement Outsourcing

Often undertaken to leverage economies of scale and improve the execution and control of underperforming or non-core tasks and poorly managed spend categories.


Compliance with a wide range of financial management and reporting requirements to gain visibility into their spend management processes, to track performance, as well as full oversight of financial records.

value creation
Value Creation

Services Procurement: encompasses the strategic management and procuring of complex category services which includes, amongst other services, consultancy services and telecoms.

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Our Other Services

Efftel provides Telecoms Procurement Support services to corporate customers and also assists specialist procurement companies to help their customers reduce their telecommunications spend. Telco spend is complex and detailed and requires specialist expertise to help you drive the best deal for your level of spend and call profile and importantly continue to manage and control those costs going forward.

Our Procurement Services Include:

  • Tender/RFP Support
  • Domestic & International Billing Analysis
  • Industry Benchmarking
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Contract Management
  • Procurement Support Services for specialist Procurement organisations

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Efftel provide comprehensive Expense Management Services to help you understand, manage and control your costs on an ongoing monthly basis.

Our TEM service helps organisations manage and control their landline and data telecoms inventories, consolidating spend across multiple carriers, reducing costs and providing exception and management reporting.

Our Telecom Expense Management (TEM) provides regular reporting and analysis of your carrier bills on an ongoing basis.

Your benefits of using our Expense Management Services include:

  • Continuous bill checking that is both fast and accurate
  • A full range of monthly bill processing and reporting
  • Reports on use at Corporate, Cost Centre and Individual user levels
  • Proactive reporting sent by email to nominated managers and users
  • Efficient administration of your company Mobile.
  • Value-added advice and tariff optimisation

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We can deliver a double-digit reduction to your businessís Mobile and Landline telecommunications costs, following our proven audit process of your telecoms landscape:

  • Checking whether your existing telecoms supplier is applying the correct rates to your landline and mobile consumption
  • Switching you to a better tariff or discount plan with your existing telecoms supplier
  • Ensuring that you are charged only for services you are using.
  • Identifying redundant services you are still paying for
  • Spotting misuse by your staff
  • Cutting down on unproductive or unnecessary calls

In most cases these savings can be achieved transparently, with no disruption to your day-to-day operations and involving little effort on your part. And when inaccuracies or overcharging are found, Efftel will negotiate with the network operator on your behalf to recover the overcharged amount.

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