Benefits of Using Efftel

Why use Efftel?

We are European Telecom and Mobile Expense Management (TEM/MEM/WEM) experts. We have the specialist software and expertise required to help you control your telecoms inventory and budget. Our billing audits and procurement projects have helped major businesses make cost savings of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Why do I need you? Can't I do this myself?

You could certainly hire someone with the necessary depth of understanding of telecoms billing and up-to-date market knowledge, but obviously this would be an overhead for you. Even so, due to sheer volumes of calls and complexity of the bills, they could not achieve the in depth forensic check that our software achieves. We are an outsourced service provider which you may already use in other spend categories. Our job is to provide proactive relevant information bring detailed expertise to supplement your internal teams.

What markets does Efftel provide its services in?

We provide specialist Telecom services across the following markets:

  • Large Corporate and Public Sector customers
  • Partnerships (including specialist Consultants, IT Managed Service Providers and Procurement Outsourcing Specialists

For our corporate clients, Efftel works alongside internal Procurement or IT teams to provide specialist billing and market knowledge. For our Partners, Efftel acts as "backroom analysts" to supplement their telecoms skills and coverage.

What information do I need to provide to Efftel to start an Audit or Procurement project?

Full electronic billing for a 3 month period and a copy of your current Contracts and any amendments. Most Telecoms suppliers provide billing in a csv file format that contains the itemised calls made in a specified period and contains all rental and other related charges required. These are generally available for download on the service provider' online portal. To make it easier for you, you can just provide permission and the login details for us to go on to the online portal and download the required files ourselves. Otherwise, we can specify which files we need for you to email across to us

How detailed is your analysis?

We have our own proprietary independent analysis software program that allows us to import any electronic bill to check each individual call made against your contracted tariffs. Since each call is being checked it allows Efftel to include any minimum call charges, call set up fees or any specified rounding that may occur on the tariff or contract.

Does Efftel have any relationships with any major service providers?

No. We are an independent from any Telecoms supplier. We are telecoms billing specialist with associated tools and skills and a proven track record of delivering excellent results through Audits and Tendering projects for Corporate and public sector clients.

Can I trust Efftel with data/price sensitive information?

We are perfectly willing to sign any letter of confidentiality that you require. It is neither ethical nor sensible for Efftel to use confidential information inappropriately. Perhaps the biggest motivation for us not to do so is the fact that we value our integrity and want on-going relationships with all clients.

How much does it cost for Efftel's services?

Depending on the project, we are able to work either on a share/gain or fixed fee basis, to fit in with our customers' requirements. For Audits and Tendering projects, we often work on a share/gain basis. Our on-going Expense Management services are fixed fee, based on a cost per Sims (mobile) or per bill (landline).

Which geographical regions do Efftel's Services cover?

We have proven experience with large multi-national corporations especially in UK and Europe. Through strong relationships with partners in America and Asia Pacific areas, we can provide our services for multi-geographic projects.